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  • Special & Limited Katermukke Vinyl Art Quartett

    Vinyl 001

    A1 Niconé & Sascha Braemer - Heisse Katzen , Krasse Katzen (Die Raketen Remix)

    A2 Re.You - The Power

    B1 Britta Arnold - Chicken Curry

    B2 Canson - Ale La Hop



    A1 Dirty Doering - Été Pluvieux

    A2 Seb & Madmotormiquel - Don’t Eat

    B1 Nu - About Love

    B2 Sven Tasnadi - Raw Wedding



    A1 Marcus Meinhardt - Sheba

    A2 Nico Stojan - Cheriemoya

    B1 Peter Schumann & Kareem - Toulouse Lotrack

    B2 Sascha Cawa & Martin Dahl - Fever



    A1 Acid Pauli & Nancy - IBang

    A2 Sven Dohse - A Simple Place

    B1 Sid - Close to the Horn

    B2 Pilocka Krach - Osama


    All 4 Covers together result together on one side into an amazing illustration of KaterHolzig Berlin and on the other side into the Katermukke Logo back from the 2000er.


    Only available in the full 4 Vinyl Pack.






    60,00 €Price
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